We appreciate our partnership with Mentor, a division of Siemens, including access to the HyperLynx Field Solver with Z‐planner, and Z‐zero’s Z-solver, as well as assistance with our bidirectional HyperLynx LineSim and HyperLynx BoardSim interface.

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“In our PCB design flow, we have very strict electrical and mechanical requirements that we need to manage across 20+ layers for most designs. Until now, we haven’t found a software solution that was able to capture the layer of detail that we require in our design process. We’ve found that Z-zero software reduces the time it takes us to specify and validate fabricator stackups. We can evaluate three different stackups in an hour, rather than a day, and it significantly reduces the amount of back-and-forth communication required with our fabricators and NPI team.”

-- Dr. Jayaprakash Balachandran is a Senior Technical Leader Signal Integrity Engineering at Cisco Systems

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Z-zero, based in
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