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Our software enables you to solve for Zo, Zdiff, insertion loss, and propagation delay with an industry-leading, user friendly PCB stackup software. Get started quickly with our materials library by clicking here.


It’s amazing how many engineers simulate without knowing exact dielectric thicknesses, Dks, and Dfs as a function of resin content and frequency. Problem solved.


Frequency-dependent Dk and Df for major high-speed PCB laminates out of the box. Filter on every material parameter you can think of.


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Z-planner software comes with a built-in stackup design and PCB material-selection tutorial. Select options for team training and more.




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"Far too many engineering teams leave stackup design, which is critical to signal integrity, to PCB fabricators, who are—more often than not—working with little electrical engineering expertise. As someone who’s designed more than 1,000 stackups over the years, I must say that I find Z-planner to be an exceptional stackup-planning tool. It has the most comprehensive library of laminates I have seen and is very user friendly. It would be an excellent addition to any signal integrity engineer’s tool set.”

-Lee Ritchey is one of the industry’s premier authorities on high-speed PCB & system design. He is the author of “Right the First Time” and the Founder & President of Speeding Edge.

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