Z-planner Designer™

Z-planner Designer is PCB stackup planning and materials selection software that’s optimized for impedance planning and loss budgeting for PCB stackups. Z-planner Designer includes a subset of the stackup design features found in Z-planner Enterprise™, which is sold separately.


Z-planner Designer Includes:

  • Everything necessary for designing stackups up to 20 layers and selecting materials
  • Automated calculation of width/spacing
  • HyperLynx field solver—simulating impedance and dielectric loss
  • Z-solver™—detailed cross-section analysis, including impedance, loss, and S-parameter export
  • DFM rules management and checking
  • A stackup-design focused subset of the features found in Z-planner Enterprise
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Benefits of Z-planner Designer

  • Simulate impedance with
    the HyperLynx field solver
  • Fast stackup creation with Stackup Wizard
  • Pressed prepreg thickness
  • Sequential-lamination support
  • Design stackups up to 20 layers
  • Up to six impedance groups per stackup
  • Z-solver™ cross-section analysis, including impedance and loss
  • Comprehensive dielectric materials library
  • Import/export Altium Designer stackup files
  • Import/export IPC-2581 stackup files
  • Automated stackup DFM checks
  • Excel stackup export
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Dielectric Material Library

  • The industry’s largest dielectric-materials library, including laminates from AGC-Nelco, EMC, Doosan, ITEQ, Nanya, Panasonic, Shengyi, TUC, and Ventec
  • Full accounting for frequency, resin content, glass style, and pressed prepreg thickness
  • Z-zero library, spreadsheet-manageable Corporate library, and local (desktop) libraries
  • Library updates as they become available over the Internet
  • Built-in filters for common constraints like halogen-free materials, dual-ply cores, and a complete set of the IPC 4101 slash sheets
  • Custom filters using any mechanical or electrical material parameters
  • Material Mapper™ includes comprehensive plots, including Dk, Df, Tg, Td, z-CTE, and x-y CTE
  • Built-in interface to Z-field™ for direct Dk and Df measurements from laminates from 1-20 GHz
  • Z-planner Enterprise (sold separately) also includes Material Matching™ for automated stackup redesign based on material parameters
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