Z-field™ Stripline Resonator

Z-field Stripline Resonator is the industry’s first commercial hardware/software system that is optimized for PCB material characterization and PCB manufacturing. Z-field performs both the IPC TM-650 dielectric constant test and loss tangent method, which are widely used in PCB material dielectric characterization.

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Z-field Includes:

  • Access to Z-field software
  • An optional custom carrying case for the hardware
  • Calibrated copper foils (ground planes and center conductor)
  • A dielectric verification coupon with reference data
  • Material mapper library of data
  • System support from CCN Labs
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Key Benefits of Z-field Stripline Resonator:

  • Completely replaces the need for IPC TM-650,, and 2.5.36 (Bereskin Stripline Method)
  • Provides a standard calibrated solution that extends from 1-14 to 20 GHz
  • Offers out-of-plane, Z-measurement of dielectric properties; the same properties that a signal will see replacing (in XY plane)
  • Unmatched usability
  • Tracks glass styles, glass construction and resin content
  • Exports directly to Excel and interfaces directly with partners in the industry
  • Eliminates the need for an external Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

Z-field Measurement Process:

  1. Plug the Z-field dielectric measurement hardware into your computer’s USB port.
  2. Run the Z-field Wizard, which prompts for a micrometer measurement of the sample thickness.
  3. Load the sample into the laminate slot.
  4. Select the output format, click [Finish] and the Z-field hardware system does the rest!
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Download the Datasheet:

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