How are we different?

Although seemingly similar tools exist, Z-zero is the only software provider that eliminates the major workflow communication issues between hardware design teams and the PCB supply chain. Communication of specifications and material properties becomes automated using Z-zero tools, eliminating manual re-entry of data.

Z-zero enhances the stackup design process by providing an accurate field solver, a loss-planning environment, and a complete dielectric materials library — all seamlessly interfaced to the most popular signal-integrity software.

SI related failures
Invalid Simulations

A design team spec’d and simulated material constructions (resin content, thickness, Dk, and Df) that did not align with material parameters from the laminate manufacturer.  Boards went to production.  Thousands of invalid simulations resulted in material confusion and shortages - a nightmare scenario for an NPI situation.  Bill determined the root cause to be old or incorrect information received from their fabricator and used throughout the entire design process. 

A company sought assistance with an intermittent SI-related field failure and Bill quickly learned that no one on the design team was 100% sure which “FR-4” materials were used on the production boards; nor did they know the exact properties. Bill analyzed the workflow among three companies in three countries, determined the issue, and recommended solutions to optimize the design’s termination strategy.

Z-zero, based in
Redmond, Washington, develops
PCB stackup planning and
material-selection software
for electronic-system design.

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