Z-planner Enterprise™

Z-planner Enterprise™ is field-solver based PCB stackup planning and materials selection software that’s optimized for both the design of PCB stackups and the management of stackup design as part of the PCB design flow.

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Z-planner Enterprise Includes:

  • HyperLynx field solver
  • Unlimited Impedance groups and layer count
  • Advanced stackup wizard
  • Stackup manager for design reuse
  • Detailed manufacturing properties and notes
  • Excel stackup export
  • Z-solver™ cross-section analysis
  • Glass awareness and Glass-Weave Skew mitigation
  • Fab stackup imports
  • Compare fab stackups to spec
  • Stackup DFM and DFSI
  • Import/export from SI software

Dielectric Materials Library

  • The industry’s largest dielectric-materials library, including laminates from AGC-Nelco, EMC, Doosan, ITEQ, Nanya, Panasonic, Shengyi, TUC, and Ventec
  • Full accounting for frequency, resin content, glass style, and pressed prepreg thickness
  • Z-zero library, spreadsheet-manageable corporate library, and local (desktop) libraries
  • Material Matching™ enables automated stackup redesign based on material parameters
  • Library updates as they become available over the internet
  • Built-in filters for common constraints like halogen-free materials, dual-ply cores, and a complete set of the IPC-4101 slash sheets
  • Custom filters using any mechanical or electrical material parameters
  • Material Mapper™ includes comprehensive plots, including Dk, Df, Tg, Td, z-CTE, and x-y CTE
  • Built-in interface to Z-field™ for direct Dk and Df measurements from laminates from 1-20 GHz

Enhance Your PCB Stackup

  • Everything necessary for designing/managing stackups and selecting materials
  • Unlimited stackup layer support, included automated calculation of width/spacing
  • HyperLynx field solver—simulating dielectric and copper losses
  • Z-solver—detailed cross-section analysis, including S-parameter export
  • Interfaces to most PCB layout and signal-integrity design flows
  • DFM and DFSI rules management and checking
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