What PCB interfaces are available?

  • No one likes getting stuck on an island.
  • Currently, Z-planner imports and exports the HyperLynx format (.STK, .FFS), as well as IPC-2581 format and ODB++.
  • We’re working on interfaces to Keysight ADS, Simberian Simbeor, SiSoft, and Polar SpeedStack.

HyperLynx interface

  • It’s amazing how many engineers simulate dozens of topologies in the pre-layout phase, and then thousands of signals post layout without knowing the exact dielectric thickness, dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df)—as a function of resin content and frequency—that the fabricator is going to use in production.
  • The Z-planner HyperLynx interface takes care of this problem, allowing you to bring in a legacy stackup from HyperLynx, or sending a correctly constructed stackup based on real material parameters to HyperLynx for simulation.
  • As shown in the screen shot on this page, just click on the Export to HyperLynx link, and your Z-planner stackup opens up in HyperLynx LineSim’s Stackup Editor.

IPC-2581 Import/Export

  • IPC-2581, “Generic Requirements for Printed Board Assembly Products Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology,” was released in March 2004. The format, and the ecosystem that’s developed around it, enables accurate, vendor-neutral data exchange between designers and manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies using an XML-based format.
  • Using Z-planner’s IPC-2581 interface, the software can exchange stackup data with Cadence Allegro, Zuken CR-5000, Polar Instruments SpeedStack, Downstream’s CAM350 and Blueprint, as well as a growing list of EDA tools that are adding IPC-2581 support over time.


Z-zero, based in
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